JDS Design offers a full range of Architectural Services ranging from survey, through design, to construction support and contract administration. We can provide you with the service you need, delivering a big-firm professional service with a small-firm personal approach


We believe that well-considered design is the only way to truly deliver what the Client needs from a construction project. This principle applies to all design, whether it be for a small extension to a home, or a multi-storey commercial venture.

Before any design work is undertaken, all projects should begin with the gathering of information and we always try to make sure that we have a thorough understanding of:

  • the building, or site,
  • any external influences, including adjacent buildings, orientation, traffic, etc.
  • the Planning Policies affecting the site and it’s proposed use,
  • what the occupants will need from the building, including how they would like it to help them live, work, play, heal, etc.

The results of this kind of in depth analysis allows us to carefully evaluate the feasibility of the Client’s ambitions, and means that we are able to design without inhibition.

Our principal aim is to provide our Clients with an architectural solution which provides innovation, practicality, aesthetic integrity and value for money.


    We have a depth of experience and understanding of building practices and materials, which allows us to apply them in innovative ways when the need arises. This allows us to, not only overcome potential obstacles, but also to deliver unique and bespoke architectural solutions.


    We work closely with our Clients to understand how they need the building to work. Careful consideration is placed on what needs to happen in each space, and also on how that room needs to relate to other spaces or activities within the building.


    Whether you’d like your building to “stand out from the crowd”, or to “sit quietly within its surroundings”, we have the talent and experience to deliver appropriate, appealing and approvable architectural design.


    We make every effort to understand the Client’s budgetary constraints, and to design appropriately. We will always aim to use our expertise to maximise the building’s potential value, and to exceed the Client’s expectations, in terms of space created and the speed of construction.


    The process of achieving Planning Consent for your development is often arduous and time-consuming if not controlled and planned from the outset of the project. Many factors determine how difficult the Planning Approval process might be, but we can advise and guide our Clients appropriately to ensure the best outcome.  We have extensive experience in dealing with all types of Planning applications, from Outline to Listed Building Consent.

    Outline Planning

    An Outline Planning application is often used to establish whether the intended use of a site, or existing building, will be acceptable to the Authorities. It can often be useful to clarify these uncertainties at the outset of larger projects to ensure the cost involved in detailed design isn’t wasted unnecessarily. Outline planning permission is granted subject to conditions requiring the subsequent approval of one or more ‘reserved matters’.

    Full Planning

    An application for full planning permission results in a decision on the detailed proposals of how a site can be developed. If planning permission is granted, and subject to compliance with any planning conditions that are imposed, no further engagement with the local planning authority is required to proceed with the development granted permission, although other consents may be required.

    Listed Building Consent

    Listed building consent is required for all works of demolition, alteration or extension to a listed building that affect its character as a building of special architectural or historic interest. It requires a separate application to Historic England, which usually runs in parallel with a Full Planning Application.

    Detailed Design

    Once the initial design is complete, and the Client is satisfied with the proposal in terms of size, appearance, functionality, etc. we will develop the design into information suitable for the builder to use to actually construct the proposal.

    Ultimately the level of information required will be dependent on the scale of the project, but it will usually include detailed technical drawings, schedules and specifications.

    Building Regulations

    During the process of developing the detailed design we will recommend that a Building Regulations application is submitted to the appropriate Authority.

    The Building Regulations are a set of detailed technical standards which set minimum requirements for the design and construction of buildings to ensure the safety and health of people in or about those buildings. They also include requirements to ensure that fuel and power is conserved, insulations levels, structure, drainage, fie safety and facilities are provided for people, including those with disabilities, to access and move around inside buildings. Our submission will deal with all these aspects and any others which may arise.


    If required, we are able to assist our Clients with the selection of a Contractor to carry out the necessary construction. This may necessitate the adoption of a competitive tender process by which bids are invited from interested contractors to carry out specific packages of construction work.  We can ensure that the tender process adopts and observes the key values of fairness, clarity, simplicity and accountability.  We can then assist our Clients in the assessment and validity of the bids, and advise on the appointment of the preferred Contractor.

    Contract Administration

    We would normally advise our Clients to formalise the appointment of a Builder with the use of a Contract. The contract could vary in complexity depending on the work involved, but as a minimum it should provide a clarity of understanding between the parties.  However, contracts often require the parties to undertake specific actions during the course of the works, and therefore require a certain amount of control and administration. We can take on the role of Contract Administrator as a defined package of work, or include it in any pre-determined site supervision role required by the Client.

    Construction Support

    Once the initial design is complete, and Planning permissions received, we can assist our Client’s with any, or all aspects of the next phases of the project, dependent of the need.

    Whether or not we were responsible for the initial design, we are available to develop projects through the phases of detailed design, Building Regulations applications, tender process and administration of the Contract with the builder.


    We believe that well-conceived and constructed architecture has a tremendous beneficial effect on the lives of people who come into contact with it.

    We work closely with our clients and stakeholders to develop viable and innovative designs, which respond in direct ways to the context of the building and its function.

    Drawing on our breadth of knowledge and experience, we design schemes which engage with specific conditions. A highly attuned sensitivity to user requirements, strategy and phasing results in our design schemes being responsive at all stages of the development process.

    Carefully selected materials and sophisticated detailing complete spaces and places in which people want to live, work, learn and heal.


    Get in touch to see how we can help you with your project.